2017 Tesla Model X SUV Design

The Internet is full of the articles talking about the 2017 Tesla Model X and we just couldn’t ignore them anymore. The concept was revealed in Los Angeles four years ago. It shares the platform with Model S and first deliveries began over a year ago. In the first year, almost 16,000 units were sold, mostly in the US. This model is a full-size luxury crossover SUV which is assembled in Fremont, California. It was designed by Franz con Holzhausen, the chief designer at Tesla. The most staggering part of the car is the back doors which remind of the falcon wings. Even though it had some problems, Model X is the revolutionary vehicle that has a great impact on the electric-car industry.

2017 Tesla Model X-1
2017 Tesla Model X Performance

The powertrain of the 2017 Tesla Model X is the same as in Model S. This means there are going to be two different options, 75 and 90 kWh lithium-ion battery packs. The mile range is not the best in the class, but with 250 miles it is definitely going to be competitive. At Tesla official website you can calculate how much time you need to spend charging the vehicle with the 120-kWh supercharger. If you want to fully charge it, you will need 1 minutes and 5 seconds! It is just amazing! However, there are no superchargers everywhere, especially not Europe, but you can also charge it via 48-amp and 72-amp Wall Connectors. It takes 8 and 6 minutes respectively to charge the car via these connectors.

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With this motor, the all-electric SUV can go from 0 to 60 in just 4.8 seconds. Speed and mile range were always the main issues regarding electric vehicles. However, Tesla sets new standards in the car world and thanks to them (and some other manufacturers) we can see that the electric cars are the future and that this future is coming soon. Future models are expecting to have even better mile range. Currently, Model S is the high-flyer with 265 miles. Don’t get surprised if the 300-mile limit gets broken in the following years.

2017 Tesla model X First Look – Video

2017 Tesla Model X Design

  • Interior and Exterior

Top notch! Electric cars don’t need a grille and thus 2017 Tesla Model X doesn’t have it. A lot of attention was paid to the aerodynamics and, as Tesla states, Model X has 20% lower drag efficient than the second best vehicle. The panoramic glass is the largest of its kind and it creates unlimited visibility for all people in the car. Inside the cabin, there are three rows of seats and it can accommodate seven people. They are quite convenient and well-designed, but the second row is the work of art. It provides extra comfort and these seats you want to choose when having a ride inside this electric luxury crossover.

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2017 Tesla Model X
Falcon Wings

The Falcon Wings are definitely the most innovative feature in terms of the design of the Tesla Model X 2017. There is no other vehicle on the streets with similar doors. However, they are not just staggering, but functional as well. Such doors enable easy access to the last two rows and especially come in handy in tight parking spaces. Also, there is less chance to bump your head on the roof.



In April 2016, Tesla had to recall 2,700 units due to safety concerns. A problem with the third row was spotted during the tests. They would fold over the second row during the collision thus Tesla had to act fast and repair the problem. Some problems are related to Falcon Wings. Sometimes doors couldn’t be opened and windows won’t close all the way. However, thanks to several updates this issue has been resolved. It appears that this model was rushed into production, but luckily they managed to fix every problem spotted so far. Such problems shouldn’t be seen in their future models.

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