2019 Toyota Tacoma Changes, Price, Release date, Rumors

The current generation of the Tacoma has been released back in 2015 and since then it quickly became a favorite in its class. In fact, Toyota sells more Tacoma trucks than two of its largest rivals combined which are highly impressive. However, the Tacoma is not perfect and it could use some changes in certain areas. Rumors suggest that the Japanese company is going to release an update with the 2019 Toyota Tacoma. This is expected to go on sale by the start of 2019 and it should come with a few major changes and as a 2019 MY. For starters, the price of the truck is expected to be revised. The higher end models are still going to cost as much as before but it seems that they will also get more features for the price.

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Note: 2016 MY Pictured – Source: netcarshow.com


One of the largest drawbacks of the current truck is the lack of power. While people are usually content with it, the Tacoma could use an upgrade. Their customers have also been requesting a diesel truck for some time but so far Toyota said that they are not planning on offering one. However, things may change, especially considering how good diesel trucks sell. The new Toyota Tacoma 2019 may receive a diesel engine from the International Hilux but more on that a bit later. One of the biggest grief was the price of a diesel. Toyota said that the 2019 Toyota Tacoma would be with up to $3,000 more expensive than its gas counterpart. Luckily, though, most people wanting a diesel are more than happy to pay the difference.

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Even though nothing is official at this point, it seems that the 2019 Toyota Tacoma will only go through a really small update when it comes to its design. The truck is expected to receive a revised set of headlights and likely a new grille. The wheels might be updated as well in order to better fit the overall design scheme of the truck. The rumored diesel model is expected to be mostly identical to its gas counterparts. The only real differences here might be a larger intake in the bumper and possibly a larger hood scoop.

Note: 2016 MY Pictured – Source: netcarshow.com


There is no doubt about the fact the Tacoma has the smallest interior in its class. However, this is not going to change with the new model. In order to make it a bit more usable, Toyota is expected to add more features and likely more storage spaces. The dashboard, instrument cluster, and infotainment system should all be carried over unchanged. In order to please everyone, the 2019 Toyota Tacoma may also come with a new luxury trim level. This would likely become one of the top choices for people looking to get a comfortable truck.

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Both gas engines of the new Tacoma will more than likely be carried over unchanged. The news should come in the form of a new 2.8 liter turbocharged inline 4 diesel. This engine currently equips the Hilux where it makes 177 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. While lower than the competition, the engine is one of the most reliable and efficient in its class. In order to meet the US emissions standards, the Tacoma could come with an AdBlue, or Diesel Exhaust Fluid, tank. 

2019 Toyota Tacoma
Note: 2016 MY Pictured – Source: netcarshow.com

This will allow it to lower the emissions of the truck while keeping the power of the engine relatively unaffected. Like its rivals, the Tacoma’s diesel may also get a bump to its output. This would get it closer to the Colorado and it would give it the tow-rating it needs to be successful. Our only expectation at this point about the new powertrain would be at least an optional manual transmission.

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