2018 Pontiac GTO Rumors

The GTO is an iconic American muscle car which has been discontinued mostly because the Camaro was selling better than it and GM didn’t really see the need of a muscle car like the GTO. The car was revived briefly in the mid of 2000s but it was not a true GTO but a renamed Holden Monaro with different badges. The car was great but it did not sell that great mostly due to its rather odd design which made many people, not like it. Back in 2013, Bob Lutz was saying that GM is preparing a new generation of the GTO but because the Pontiac brand has been discontinued these remained just rumors even though the information came from an individual close to GM. Despite that, it seems that GM might be working on such a car and a revival for the brand with the 2018 Pontiac GTO.

Pontiac GTO
Original model of Pontiac GTO


Even though this might seem like an odd move, it would allow them to build a brand of just sports car, similar to what the FCA Group is doing with Dodge. The new GTO would likely be a car built from the ground up instead of just another rename of a production model. The most probable platform for the new GTO would be the Alpha which is a rear wheel drive modular platform that would allow the 2018 Pontiac GTO to be as fast as it needs to be and it would also allow GM to build it with ease in their factories.

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The price for such a model is still unknown but unlike the Camaro which is an entry level sports car or the Corvette which is the high-end model, the GTO would be slotted right in the middle of the two with a base price of around $50,000. While it may seem like a large amount of money, at this price the new 2018 Pontiac GTO would compete with cars like the Audi A5 or the new 4 Series, so it would not be just another muscle car but more of a luxury personal sports car that would be able to take all the European offerings head on. GM currently has such a model with the ATS Coupe but this is not nearly as well equipped as some of its competitors and the Pontiac would make a lot of sense.



However, in order to be successful in such a competitive market, the Pontiac GTO 2018 will have to look very good and its interior will have to be one of the best in order to make the American people buy it. While there is no concept to look at, the car would likely hit the market with an entirely new design which will set the trend for all the future Pontiac models. On top of that, its cabin will combine the sporty feel of the Camaro with the luxury found in certain Cadillac models, so it should be quite an attractive car.

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2018 Pontiac GTO 5


Unlike the Camaro which is an all-out sports car, the Pontiac GTO will likely hit the market with a set of engines that will allow it to win the battle with its rivals. We expect it to be offered with a single engine choice, an all new 4.8 liter twin-turbocharged V8 which would easily be capable of providing close to 500 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque, enough to make it a threat for all those European sports car while still allowing the Corvette to be the best sports car built by GM.

Also because it will be aimed at those wanting a long distance cruiser rather than an all-out sports car, the GTO will likely be available just with a 10-speed automatic gearbox and rear wheel drive which should be a good compromise between speed and comfort.

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