2018 Pontiac GTO Rumors

Published on June 3, 2016

The GTO is an iconic American muscle car which has been discontinued mostly because the Camaro was selling better than it and GM didn’t really see the need of a muscle car like the GTO. The car was revived briefly in the mid of 2000s but it was not a true GTO but a renamed Holden Monaro with different badges. The car was great but it did not sell that great mostly due to its rather odd design which made many people, not like it. Back in 2013, Bob Lutz was saying that GM is preparing a new generation of the GTO but because the Pontiac brand has been discontinued these remained just rumors even though the information came from an individual close to GM. Despite that, it seems that GM might be working on such a car and a revival for the brand with the 2018 Pontiac GTO.

Pontiac GTO

Original model of Pontiac GTO


Even though this might seem like an odd move, it would allow them to build a brand of just sports car, similar to what the FCA Group is doing with Dodge. The new GTO would likely be a car built from the ground up instead of just another rename of a production model. The most probable platform for the new GTO would be the Alpha which is a rear wheel drive modular platform that would allow the 2018 Pontiac GTO to be as fast as it needs to be and it would also allow GM to build it with ease in their factories.

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