How to Get the Best Prices on OEM

When someone starts thinking about upgrading the parts on their bike, they often always focus on which OEM bike parts to buy. Because there are many features to consider when upgrading your bike, you’ll feel tempted to spend most of your time examining them all. Before you get off into aesthetics, you should shop for the right tires and wheels to enhance safety without breaking the bank. You should also do your research on the prices and qualities of the bike parts, this way you will be free from rip-offs.

Tread and Design

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When choosing motorcycle OEM parts, think about the terrain you’ll be riding on or check here. Riders are extremely vulnerable to accidents and serious injury when their tires fail. Regardless of whether you like to hit the sand trails, show-off your stuff in motocross-style events or cruise in style, your tires need some serious treads and design to get you through it all. You’ll need the right mix of grip, knobs and other design features to keep you cornering the rode like a pro.

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The bodywork of the bike has to comprise of the fuel tank, puffy seat, shiny and rust-free chrome, properly mounted windscreen, flawless side covers and fenders, damage-free hard bags and abrasion-free soft bags.

Sporty designs may not be suitable for you if you are commuting with your family. However, in case you are a sports rider then you should select a tire design with a leaned over riding position with handlebars under your chest.

Wheel Selection

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Of course, without a set of good wheels, your motorcycle tires stand little chance of giving you the performance and style you want. Subpar tires can damage your wheels and cost you more in the long run from frequent replacements, just as inferior or mediocre wheels can interfere with the way your tires handle the terrain. Don’t overlook your bike’s wheel offset, bolt pattern and wheel sizing; they’ll help pinpoint you in the right direction for selection and keep you from wasting money on the wrong parts.

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Look for spokes that are straight and have a snug fit. Tap each one of them with a pencil; tight spokes give a “ping” while the loose spokes have a flat sound. You have to replace the bent spokes.

Safety gear

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Once you have the best prices for your wheels, you should consider safety gear. Top-notch quality helmets, jackets as well as gloves do not cost a fortune. You should never compromise on your safety.

Part of the thrill of shopping for new and exciting parts to jazz up your bike and give it more personality is the challenge. Not only do you want the most bang for your buck, but you also want that will give your bike the performance it needs for all your riding adventures. Beefing up your motorcycle is a rite of passage that if done right, will make your ride safer and more affordable to maintain. There’s no need to put off those upgrades any longer. Purchasing new parts will also boost the style and durability of your motorbike.

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