2018 Mercedes AMG GT Price Interior

SLS AMG is an old-fashioned car thus Mercedes decided to renew the offer. At 2014 Paris Motor Show the German manufacturer introduced brand-new AMG GT. It is one of those sports cars which don’t look too aggressive. In fact, AMG doesn’t look aggressive at all. However, don’t judge a book by its cover. Although you wouldn’t say this car has a strong engine under the hood, it does and it will blow your mind. This sports car can easily compete with Porsche 911 GT3. In two years we can expect new model which is named 2018 Mercedes AMG GT.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT Exterior


Since sports cars are all about the engine we’ll start with this feature. Even though it won’t be released by the end of 2017, Mercedes-Benz has published some info about it. We already know what is going to be hidden under the hood of the 2018 Mercedes AMG GT. As well as its predecessors it is going to have only one unit. A 4.0l eight-cylinder has been improved in order to deliver more power. This turbocharged unit is able to generate 577 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque which is slightly more than predecessors.

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2018 Mercedes AMG GT Engine 1

Thanks to aluminum and carbon materials they managed to decrease the weight of the car. Reduced weight leads to increased speed and acceleration and new AMG GT has some staggering figures. It can develop 189 mph, while the GT R and GT S can reach 198 mph and 192 mph respectively. All three trim levels are going to have pretty similar acceleration and it is going to be around 3.5 seconds. Seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox has been modified in order to shift gears more easily. However, we are still ignorant about EPA rating but don’t expect any surprises here. According to the official info, only RWD is going be available.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT Front


2018 Mercedes AMG GT is way less aggressive than GT R. However, both of them are going to have the same vertical grille. Under the grille, two large intakes will be placed. Reportedly GT R will have 20-inch wheels. This means GT is probably going to have smaller wheelbase than 20 inches. When it comes to the rear part we believe that this sports car will get two exhaust tips.

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2018 Mercedes AMG GT 2

2018 Mercedes AMG GT is a two-seat car with incredibly comfortable seats. They are wrapped in Nappa leather and are even going to have an AMG tag on the top. Only two seats mean there is going to be plenty of space for each passenger. The console is centered and it is identical in all trims. The technology used inside is quite similar to the previous model and there will be no important updates this time. Generally, the interior doesn’t look as luxurious as the exterior. It will have a classical sporty outlook.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT Interior 1


As you probably expect 2018 Mercedes AMG GT costs an arm and a leg. 2016 model’s price was $129,990 at the time of the release. Allegedly new model should be $3000 less, but these are unconfirmed rumors. GT R’s price can even go up to $160,000 since it has better performances than the regular GT. There are still no talks about the release, however, we can make our estimation. It is really difficult to believe that it is going to come to the market before the beginning of 2018. Therefore we must wait quite a long time before we see it on the road.

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2018 Mercedes AMG GT Price


The biggest competitor is Porsche 911 GT3. There is different information about it hence it’s quite difficult to compare it with Mercedes AMG GT 2018. However, we know that prices are going to be similar while the AMG GT should deliver more horsepower. Generally, the exterior of the GT3 will look sportier while the interior should be less luxurious.

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