2017 Opel Zafira Price, Interior

Opel Zafira has been around for almost twenty years, during which it has established itself as a reliable multi-purpose vehicle. During that time we have seen three generations of Opel’s much-praised vehicle. Now the magnates of the automobile industry have come together in order to create the new generation vehicle in the form of 2017 Opel Zafira. Opel is looking to overcome the difficulties the previous Zafira models encountered on the market with a fresh approach which will hopefully reestablish Zafira series as one of the best vehicles of its class.

2017 Opel Zafira Facelift


Apparently, German car manufacturers were looking for a way to introduce changes to the 2017 Zafira model, while maintaining the recognizable look of the previous models. The front of the vehicle will go through significant changes with completely redesigned grille and headlights which will lose their well-known boomerang form. Additional fog lights will be added into the mix in order to improve the safety. The 2017 Opel Zafira will be much lighter than previous Zafira models, and the body of the vehicle will be more aerodynamically designed in order to provide more speed and agility.

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2017 Opel Zafira 4

Zafira’s interior has always been comfortable and even luxurious, and the upcoming model will follow the same trend. 2017 Opel Zafira can accommodate as many as seven passengers, and has three rows of seats. The third row can be folded if the additional space for cargo is required. Zafira’s interior gives an overall impression of spaciousness and conformity, which is enriched with a high-end infotainment system that includes all of the contemporary features. All of the signs point out that the new Zafira will be a vehicle which has all the characteristics of a modern automobile which can provide great performances.

2017 Opel Zafira 5


There are a lot of stories going around regarding upcoming Zafira’s engine, and at this moment it clear that both diesel and petrol engines will be attainable. The petrol engine most frequently talked about as 2017 Opel’s Zafira’s engine is 1.6 liters in-line 4 CDTI EcoFlex engine with 120 horsepower, while the diesel engine is 1.6 liters 2.0 CDTI engine with the capability to develop up to 200 horsepower. Other engines will be available upon request, but at this moment their specifications are not yet clear.

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2017-Opel-Zafira engine

The upcoming Zafira will only have a 6-speed manual transmission, and a version of this vehicle with automatic transmission will not be attainable.


Although there is no official release date yet, it is safe to say that Opel will make Zafira’s new model available for sales by the end of 2016 or in the early months of 2017. More information will become available as the time passes since at the moment the exact release date of this vehicle is in the realm of speculation.

2017 Opel Zafira Price

The price estimations for the 2017 Opel Zafira vary from 16.600$ for the base model, up to 34.000$. These estimations are based on the price of the previous models, and there is no reason to assume that Opel is going to raise the price of Zafira’s new model, especially because they would like to remain competitive with vehicles such as Mazda 5 MVP or Ford S-Max.

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