2018 Ford Focus RS500 Specs, Spy Photos, Engine

You may be wondering “What on Earth is 2018 Ford Focus RS500?” Well, if you have never heard of this model, don’t bother yourself, neither had we until a few weeks ago. However, we have already heard of the RS500, an upgraded Focus which was launched as a limited edition six years ago. Since the beginning of June, rumors are circling around the Web about 2018 model and we finally managed to get very first photos. Ford released photos earlier this month which confirmed speculations that it is going to launch an improved version of the RS.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 1


Even though Ford didn’t officially confirm it is launching a new trim of the Focus, the American automaker released two sets of photos. On our website, we decided to present the second set since minor differences can be seen. This especially refers to aerodynamics. Thanks to these pictures we can see the exterior of the vehicle, but engine and interior are still being kept off the record. Nonetheless, we tried to figure out what can be hidden under the hood and thus we consulted several different sources. This is what we have come up with.

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2018 Ford Focus RS500 3


Although no official data has been presented we are sure at one thing – engine will be more powerful than the standard RS. Some experts expect at least 350 lb-ft of torque and 350 horsepower, but in our estimation, the output should be even better. Six years ago, when RS500 was originally released, it came with 500 hp hence we don’t expect any less than that. One of the options is a unit with this amount of power, but we can even see an improvement in terms of output.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 8

Focus is using a 2.3-liter EcoBoost and we strongly believe they won’t replace this engine with another one. As far as we are concerned they are just going to improve the current engine and there are several possible ways to do it. Perhaps they are just going to use a large turbo or several smaller ones. They can even tune ECU mapping and the engine, but we’re not sure how much they can obtain with such tuning. One way or another, the fact is that 2018 Ford Focus RS500 is going to come with tremendous power and torque. Just we need to hold our horses for a little more until the official announcement.

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The design is something we can discuss. Generally, this model takes after the RS and there won’t be huge differences between these two. The biggest difference is between wheel arches and tires. The gap between these two has been shrunk in order to lower down the whole car. Wheels are also going to be changed and they are getting black touches. The rear part of the vehicle looks exactly the same, apart from taillights which are differently positioned. Unlike the first set of pictures, the second set shows a lowered spoiler. You may be disappointed, but it seems these are the only modifications of the exterior.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 13

Interior is much more mysterious since nobody had to chance to take a peak. We expect that steering wheel will be revised and it’ll come with a flattened bottom and more paddles. In addition, infotainment system should be updated and perhaps 2018 Ford Focus RS500 is going to have some new materials. Apart from these modifications we honestly don’t believe there will be other refreshments. Interior of the RS model is just fine and even if it stays the same you will be thrilled with it.

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If we are lucky we’ll see new 2018 Ford Focus RS500 on the road next year. However, Ford still needs to decide when it is going to launch it. Price should be around $40,000, according to certain estimations up to $43,000.

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