2018 Dodge Journey Redesign

Starting at just around $22,000, the Journey is one of the cheapest two rows crossovers on the market but unlike many other crossovers, the Journey is pretty much a minivan that looks a bit tougher and that made it quite popular for those looking for a cheap and rather good looking people carrier. However, the car is quite old at this point and its platform has already been discontinued which means the current model is on its last legs. Even though not official, the 2018 Dodge Journey has been confirmed and while it may seem a bit strange, it is a real possibility for it to replace the current Durango which will be discontinued this year.

2018 Dodge Journey 5

2018 Dodge Journey REVIEW AND PRICE

Unlike the Durango which is based on an old Mercedes platform, the upcoming Journey is very likely going to use the Compact Wide US platform which also underpins the all new Pacifica or even the current 200.


This should allow Dodge to save quite a bit of weight over the older model and it should make for a more modular car, so it might be offered with two wheelbase options in order to fit the slot of the Journey and that left by the Durango. The base price for the two rows version will likely still be around $22,000 but the one that will replace the Durango should get closer to $25,000 which would still be very affordable considering all of its rivals.

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DESIGN AND SPECS OF 2018 Dodge Journey

So far Dodge hasn’t said a word about the upcoming 2018 Dodge Journey but it seems the car is already being tested with the help of test mules and a finished body might be spied in the next months.

2018 Dodge Journey inside

Like with the current model, the new one should still be quite similar in size and even in specs but the new three rows version will be slightly better equipped as standard and it should also offer a few differences to its drive-train and running gear. Also, unlike the Durango which is a US model only, the Journey is going to be sold around the World so it will come with many engine options as well as with a lot of trim levels in order to fit each individual market.


The one slotted for the US market though is expected to be one of the best equipped models and also one of the better looking ones. Expect it to feature a similar butch design to the ongoing generation but with a slightly more modern look to it. Also, the seven seats version will likely be slightly longer and it should be slightly taller as well in order to accommodate the rear passengers with more ease. The car is likely going to be similar in design to the upcoming Charger in order to create a line of models that are similar and also to make the Dodge brand more easily recognizable.

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2018 Dodge Journey ENGINE

Being based on a new platform that will be lighter and more rigid means that the 2018 Dodge Journey is going to be faster, likely more economical as well as better to drive. Unlike the Pacifica which is being offered with a V6 as standard, the Journey is very likely still going to get a small inline 4 petrol engine as the base but this time around this might be turbocharged in order to offer slightly more power, better fuel efficiency on the highway and a more responsive car.

2018-Dodge-Journey 1

The seven seats version is expected to use the same engine but in a slightly higher tune which should make its customers happy without costing Dodge too much money. Both models will come as standard with front wheel drive and a new 9 speed automatic and all wheel drive should be an option available for both models as well.

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