2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Release Date and Price

Published on April 24, 2017

2017 Tesla pickup Truck UPDATE Apr 24, 2017 / There is no question about the fact Tesla is the largest electric car manufacturer. On top of that, not that long ago they became the most valuable US manufacturer which is not an easy feat to achieve. This was mostly thanks to the fact their Model 3 received more than 400,000 deposits in the first year without even being released. This proved that people are keen to get electric cars so in order to satisfy their need, not that long ago Elon announced that he also plans a truck. The future Tesla Pickup Truck will more than likely be released by 2023 and it will be based on a new chassis altogether.

Release Date and Price

Not that long ago a Tesla Pickup truck update has been released which includes design sketches as well as some interesting details about it. For starters, this is going to be a full size half a ton truck and not a medium sized one. However, it will be based on a unibody chassis, and it will come with plenty of upgrades over its competitors. As we said, it is expected to hit the market close to 2023, and it is expected to cost north of $70,000. Even if it may seem expensive, the truck will be considerably more efficient than a regular gas-powered model.

Design – Inside and Out

The front of Tesla’s pickup truck is more than likely going to follow their corporate look closely. However, this is where the similarities will end. It will boast an integrated bed, similar to what Honda has been doing lately. This will allow them to expand the bed if needed and it will give them more features as standard. Things like 110V and 240V sockets, drawers for tools as well as a full-size trunk in the bed’s floor are possible. On top of that, in the front trunk, the Tesla Pickup could easily store tools and provide charging spots for them. The cabin is likely going to be as minimalist as it gets but the materials will definitely be more durable than those found in their cars.

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What Will Power It?

The Tesla Pickup truck update revealed that the model might boast more than 900 lb-ft of torque and more than 500 horsepower. It is a well-known fact that Tesla’s current electric motors can easily churn that much. The truck is expected to get a 120 to 160 kWh battery pack which should allow it to travel more than 500 miles on a single charge when empty and more than 250 miles when loaded. This is still very good considering a regular gas-powered truck achieves roughly the same numbers with a considerably higher fuel consumption.


Tesla News Video

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck


The price is still an unknown factor at this point but like they did with the Model S, they will most likely offer the truck at a much lower price than the competition, most likely around $40,000, a price at which it should have no match.

Price: $40,000

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