Why Living in an RV is better than a House?

RV is an abbreviation standing for a recreational vehicle. These vehicles are made with accommodation facilities included on board. They are in the form of trailers or just tracks. RVs come in different sizes, with some very big to have rooms as big as a normal house, kitchen facilities, warm water baths, and storage rooms while others very small that they only provide a sleeping room and basic kitchen facilities.

RVs can either be hired or bought, this will depend on factors like how many people want to go on a holiday, the budget you have and where you want to go. Different RVs offer different facilities, as well as they, can access different terrains.

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The cost of an RV will, however, depend on the kind of facilities that come with the vehicle.

Different people prefer RVs when going on holidays while others will like going to sleep in houses. In each option, there are advantages and disadvantages. There are good things that will come with choosing an RV as well as a house.

It is always good to weigh the options before you can decide. The experience of living in a house is normal, everyone has had such an experience. Recreational vehicles are mobile and therefore come with a different experience. They are actually better than living in houses.

These are seven reasons why living in an RV is better than a house.

  1. You have more time outside

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RVs are able to access the interior for camping and therefore the outside looks very pleasing. This will make you want to stay outside rather than indoors. When camping the best place to stay is outdoors. You get to enjoy, setting chairs, grilling some meat, taking walks, reading books and taking photos.

Oh, watching the stars at night. This is all you would want instead of the traditional houses.

  1. You can move with the weather

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The mobility of RVs is awesome. You can enjoy the advantages of living where you want. If the weather at the place you are is not the best you can just park and drive away. Bad weather happens many times when on holiday. Such weather like very hot, too rainy, high humidity or too cold. Unlike traditional houses which can’t move, an RV has you covered. Your holiday can’t be spoiled.

  1. Little cleaning work

RVs are small and therefore easier to clean than houses. You do not have to take lot of your time cleaning as you would do in a house.

  1. No environment to take care of

You will not have to buy grass mowers and take time trimming and shaping flowers. You will have all the time to enjoy since at RV parks they hire gardeners who you pay at a very small cost.

  1. You can move if you don’t like your neighbors

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In life, you cannot like everyone you meet. Sometimes you meet very annoying and arrogant people. It becomes difficult to stay with these people around you every day. When living in an RV you don’t have to be worried about that. You will just have to park and move to the next spot.

  1. Cheap nights and great views

RVs, give you the advantage to live in different environments at different times of the day. You can spend your daytime in the mountains and sleep at the beach.

  1. Make new friends

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RVs make you become social since many times you are moving and having walks. The fact that they might have a small room means most of the times you will be outdoors and thus meet many people.


Recreations vehicles are the better choice when you compare them to traditional houses. Next time you are planning on how to spend your time with, go for an RV. It is the best experience; you will enjoy all the above advantages while on holiday.

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