Towing Cars or SUVs? What do you need as a second vehicle for RV travel?

Believe it or not, RV owners argue about whether to tow a car or an SUV behind their motorhome. It sounds ridiculous, but then again, most of what people argue about is fairly ridiculous if you write it down and read it out loud.

The choice is yours; you have to be happy with it and make certain everyone else on the journey is OK with it as well.

1. Function

What you need is functional transportation, so you don’t have to move your motorhome every time you need to run an errand. As long as it holds the majority of your party, concentrate on building out the amenities inside like the type of bathroom, storage, furniture, and appliances. For more information about RV microwaves and other options, start here.

Every traveler is different, and all want an enjoyable experience with each journey. Many enthusiasts prepare their RV with enough supplies to last the weekend or week, so they do not have to leave the campground except to go to their next destination.

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For those people, they either don’t bother towing another vehicle, or they bring along a basic auto to get them to the nearest convenience store to grab an item they forgot like paper towels or a bottle of aspirin to replace the empty one in the first aid kit.

2. Luxury

Other enthusiasts, especially those with a high-end RV costing over $500K, want a luxurious experience every moment of the journey. For those travelers, bring along their SUV or renting one for the vacation is the better option.

It is understandable, especially near the end of a month-long trip. When everyone decides that they want to sit down in a nice restaurant for a little epicurean pampering, they do not necessarily want to arrive in a late model, four-door sedan covered in road dust from four different states along Route 66.

3. Storage

There is also additional storage to consider. For a family with many children, keeping the extra clothing and bedding in the towed vehicle makes more room for toys, coloring books, and electronic devices like tablets and laptops.

For long trips, experienced enthusiasts use the storage for storing dry goods like powdered milk and prepared dinners.

The problem is other travelers being able to see what is in the car just by looking in the windows. In both of those cases, having the space of a second car or SUV with tinted windows is a real plus and can prevent needing to make trips to the nearest store (sometimes not so near) for something as basic as a loaf of bread.

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4. Geography

The final choice may be out of your hands, however. Depending on where you’re going, not every RV can pull a full-size SUV or crossover vehicle. Hooking up a two-door, compact car might be the best option to keep rolling down the highway without winding up on the side of the road.


Regardless of your choice of vehicle, make certain to keep the emphasis on having a journey that concentrates on making memories for all of your fellow enthusiasts and family members. Enjoy your travel, and make certain you do it in an RV!


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