4 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Motorcycle

For a dedicated motorcycle rider, his motorcycle is everything for him. For a rider, nothing feels better than cruising through the streets on his bike with the air hitting his face and going through his hair. That’s why several bikers can go driving for hours on end every day for a few years. Bikes are designed for extensive use and wear-and-tear, especially heavier specially-built models.

The thing is, though, even if a biker wouldn’t wish it ever to happen, some bikes start showing signs that they are at the end of their usable lifetime. While an annual servicing of the motorcycle can fix most of a bike’s problems, if the bike itself shows signs that it will go out any day, then there is nothing you can do about it except buy a new motorcycle. It’s your job as a responsible rider to understand these signs and, accordingly, start looking for a new bike for yourself. This is the safest option for yourself as well as for everyone on the road you drive on.

Besides, buying a new bike can actually be quite exciting. According to bike.net/en/Honda/34473-bros_400_1988, bikes come in different varieties and sizes, and you can easily find the perfect one for you if you know your purpose. This opens up a wide assortment of biking options for you. That being said, no bike owner will even consider these options if his bike is okay. However, there are actually many signs that you may have failed to notice that indicate you need to buy a new motorcycle. In this article, we’ll list various symptoms that you can check with your bike to see if it’s still good.

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You are ready to take on more difficult bikes.

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Every biker is told to start out slow and on smaller vehicles to get used to driving first. Whatever experience they get piles up and aids them later on in their life. Scooters or mopeds are the first choices of learning vehicles, even for bikers. When they learn traffic rules, braking and turning on those vehicles, only then are they recommended to go on heavier motorcycles like sportbikes, tourers, etc.

These bikes cannot be handled by beginners because of their size and weight and are often purchased by only experienced drivers. If you, too, are well trained and tired from driving your scooter around, it might be time to say goodbye and get a new motorcycle for yourself. Doing so will only improve your biking skills further and give you more experience with heavier bikes. Even if you own a sportbike with a lower CC and have gotten good at driving it, we recommend you get one with a higher CC for a better riding experience and fulfill your biking needs.

Your current bike doesn’t have the latest features.

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Many bikers bought their motorcycles a long time ago when they were barely out and were the fashion of their time. The thing is, motorcycles can very quickly get outdated and outmatched by their competition in a matter of a few years. An excellent example of this would be the ABS – until a few years ago, it didn’t matter, but suddenly it has started growing in popularity and is even mandatory in some areas.

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In such cases, the older motorcycles suffered because they couldn’t fit an Anti-lock braking system. That’s why, if you want new features that your bike doesn’t have, then you should consider upgrading to a newer model. The latest bike model would be packed full of features and options that you can utilize all you want. While for some people, features are not a deciding factor for buying a bike, there are others that are more than willing to buy a bike for the features it offers.

Your usage of the bike has changed.

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Consider this scenario – you bought a sportbike to go on biking trips with your friends on thrilling roads, but, over time, as you grew old, you didn’t feel the need to have the same thrill as before. You realized that rather than thrilling rides with your sportbike on dangerous roads, you instead prefer to have long, comfortable road trips on a cruiser with your loved one. The matter of fact is that no biking need is ever permanent, and it can change drastically over time.

In the above scenario, you don’t require your sportbike anymore, and therefore it doesn’t make sense to continue riding it. Instead, going for a new cruiser bike can provide much more satisfaction for you than a sportbike can. You must understand when your needs change and thus subsequently purchase a new motorcycle that suits your preference. Not doing so will only make you feel regret for not buying your favored bike soon and cause you to grow a gradual distaste for biking in general.

Your financial situation improved or degraded.

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We fully understand that even if your need and want are for a new bike, your financial situation might not be able to handle it. If you bought an expensive tourer back in the day and your financial situation has deteriorated, then you can consider selling that bike and purchasing a new decent motorcycle instead. You’d be surprised to know that many collectors are more than glad to buy your vintage, old bikes and pay you a handsome amount for them, which can help you considerably.

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Conversely, the vice versa is also true. If your financial situation has improved dramatically since the last time you bought a bike ages ago, then you can consider buying a new bike for your requirements. It doesn’t make sense if your old bike is out of date, broken, and you continue using it even after being financially stable. Often this can even lower your reputation down in front of your work colleagues. If you can afford it and need it, then we definitely recommend you to buy a new motorcycle and take your financial situation as a sign.


There are several signs that you may miss that indicate you need to buy a new motorcycle. We hope this article helped you identify those signs and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us immensely.

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