7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Heavy-Duty Towing

Towing any heavy equipment or vehicle is a risky and challenging task. If you make any mistake, you can experience a massive property loss, accidents, or severe injuries. It is necessary to avoid some common mistakes to stay safe. It is not easy for everyone to do heavy-duty towing; they may ask professionals to do the job. 

There is nothing wrong if you want to try it yourself but ensure not to make common mistakes. In the following write-up, we will discuss various mistakes you can avoid during heavy-duty towing. You need to be careful while taking anything from one location to another with your vehicle. 

When you are in a hurry, you may not realize your mistakes and will try to travel the long path without considering crucial things. You must be consistent and careful throughout the path you cover while towing. 

1. Ignoring Proper Weight Distribution

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The weight of the equipment over or connected to your vehicle needs to be balanced properly. If you ignore the weight distribution, your truck will shift to one side, and it can be imbalanced while towing. It can cause severe accidents and injuries. You need bars for distributing weight that needs to be tied with chains. You might be wrong if you think that the bigger size is perfect. 

It is necessary to check the equipment’s weight before buying bars and chains. Whenever you load the device, it should be correctly loaded over the correct-sized bars, and it should always be parallel to the trailer frame. Imbalance or irregular weight distribution can cause the vehicle to bounce and damage the frame.

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2. Not Checking the Brakes

If you are climbing an inclined path, you must be careful about the brakes. You can easily slide backward if you tow any heavy item with your vehicle. You must never neglect the performance of the brakes in your truck. Instead of preferring the hydraulic brakes, you can go with the electromagnet ones. 

It is necessary to check them timely and replace them if required. Before you go on a ride, ensure to check whether it is capable enough to tow anything heavy on the mountain roads. These magnetic brakes are self-adjustable in trucks, but there is no such option in trailers. You can also call here to get help from professionals for heavy-duty towing. 

3. Overloading the Vehicle

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It is crucial to determine whether the vehicle can tow the load safely or not. It is possible to get tolled for a load if it is overloaded. It is easy for a diesel truck to pull heavy loads without any issues. But it can affect the performance of brakes, bushings, shocks, frames, suspension, etc. 

Too much stress on these parts can affect the towing process, and the vehicle may not pull the load easily. Before you go for towing, it is necessary to check all the parts, like the frame, hitches, suspension, ball mount, etc. It is necessary to install airbags as a protective accessory.

4. Towing in a High Speed

Dragging the trailer or a truck with a load at high-speed sounds fun, but it is quite risky. You should avoid such a mistake because it can badly affect the performance of the engine. Undoubtedly, you are forcing the engine to pull the load and move quickly. 

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But technically, it is impossible, and you must not attempt to do so. The brake system can also fail, and it leads to accidents. You must know all the dangerous consequences of speeding your vehicle with a load on the highway. Your vehicle will get damaged, and you must spend money on repairs and maintenance.

5. Ball Mounting of Wrong Size

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The design of trailers is based on level, and you cannot pitch it up or down. If you do so, it will put stress on brakes, tires, and axles. The braking system will not work properly, and the chances of tears in tires will also increase. 

There is a possibility of component damage in the trailer. It is necessary to prefer multiple mounts that must match the trailer for regular towing. You must invest in the ball mount of the correct size. You must keep the vehicle at a perfect level to avoid any stress on vehicle parts.

6. More Pressure on Tires

Many people make a common mistake of not checking the tire pressure timely. If the pressure is correct, you can only expect better fuel mileage and avoid overheating tires. If you make this mistake, the tires can be blown out, or their quality will degrade quickly. 

It is necessary to check the tire pressure before you tow the load and move from one place to another. You must be careful while measuring the tire pressure because an incorrect one can cause severe damage.

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7. No Lube 

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Commonly, many people use trailers, and they put them away. It is a mistake that you must avoid while towing a heavy load. Even if your truck is going for a regular service, it requires a regular check. 

It is necessary to grease axles and inspect bearings every time when it goes on a round. Many people forget to lube the components of the trailer. In the case of no lube, the jack will freeze up, and the machinery will not function well. 

The Bottom Line

If you desire to tow a heavy load, you need to avoid making all the mistakes that are mentioned above. It is quite risky, and you must be careful while towing anything heavy and moving from one place to another. These mistakes are quite common and can cause severe accidents and injuries. 

It is necessary to do regular checks and repairs so that the machinery of trucks works properly. If you are making any of these mistakes, you must stop doing them to stay safe and avoid unnecessary damage. You need to keep the vehicle and load secure by moving from one place to another with caution. 

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