All Drivers Will Love the Ford EcoSport in 2024

Around the world, crossover SUVs are having a moment. It’s not hard to understand why! They give the best of both worlds, allowing drivers to have the ruggedness and handling of an SUV while also enjoying the pep and smart sophistication of much smaller vehicles.

This ruggedness is something Canadian drivers will appreciate because we get all four seasons here. Driving in summer is nothing like driving in winter, so having a crossover SUV that can handle anything the road throws at you is invaluable.
But not all crossover SUVs are the same. The features found in Ford crossover SUVs like the EcoSport are very modern and sure to please. The vehicle is also affordably priced. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Ford EcoSport so special.

Compact but Spacious


Ford designed the EcoSport to be compact enough to navigate nimbly through dense downtown environments. But it’s also got a ton of cargo space for weekend journeys out of town.

The 60/40 Flip-Up and Split-Fold-Flat rear seats fold up easily, making it simple to find space for extra luggage or passengers. Never doubt that there’s space for everything you want on your trip!

Whether you’re coming from the grocery store or taking a summer road trip, the EcoSport has room for everything.

Visit a family dealership like that has been supplying the neighbourhood with cars for decades. Family-run dealerships have friendly service and offer customers a stress-free shopping experience. They should have many new models to choose from and great prices on used models from recent years.

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Stylish Features and Luxury


The Ford EcoSport is available with features that will turn your daily commute into something you’ll genuinely enjoy. There are also luxuries aplenty.

The available Power Moonroof will give you a sense of the grandeur of the scenery through which you’re passing. The available Heated Steering Wheel will keep you toasty on a cold winter morning.

The 8” LCD Touchscreen makes using your smartphone behind the wheel safe and simple. Interact with it the way you would a smartphone — pinch, zoom (if equipped with navigation), scroll, and swipe.

You’ll love the design of the dashboard and the way the steering wheel feels in your hands. Feel pampered by the leather-trimmed, perforated bucket seats in the Titanium EcoSport. Just like the steering wheel, the seats are heated too.
Many contemporary cars have fancy features, but it’s hard to find a vehicle with this much character.

Loaded with Driver-Assist technologies

The Ford EcoSport is available with a range of driver-assist technologies that keep driving not just safer for everybody on the road, but more comfortable. There are many situations where a warning at the right time or a line of sight made possible by a camera makes driving less stressful.

The available Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross-Traffic Alert uses radar to identify if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot and issues alerts to notify you if there are. The sensors work when you’re reversing the vehicle out of a parking lot or a driveway.

Whether you’re changing lanes on the highway at full speed or reversing slowly from a standstill position, you’ll be glad to know where everybody is on the road. Urban situations can be bustling and hectic. Having a Rear View Camera will make reversing easier, and you won’t need to strain your neck to look behind you.

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The available Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation makes it easy to know where you’re going at all times. You won’t have to fiddle with any devices; just drive confidently, wherever you go.

The Benefits of FordPass Connect

The FordPass Connect turns the vehicle itself into a Wi-Fi Hotspot that can connect up to ten devices to the internet simultaneously. This way, people can stay occupied during long drives without having to consume their own data.
Activating your FordPass Connect modem lets the driver start their vehicle remotely, and they can even pre-schedule their vehicle to start at times they select. They can also remotely lock and unlock their vehicle.

It’s also easy to check the approximate odometer reading, fuel level, and distance until the tank is empty. You’ll never struggle to find your vehicle in a parking lot again.

Plus, the FordPass app lets the driver contact their dealership for roadside assistance, find available parking spots, and even find the nearest gas station. Stay in the know on the go when you drive a Ford!

Colors Galore

Every vehicle comes in multiple colours, but the Ford EcoSport is available in more than normal. Many of the shades are fun and spunky, complementing the nature of this cute but rugged vehicle.

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Pick from exciting and unique colours like Canyon Ridge, Ruby Red, Race Red, or Blue Candy. Make a splash wherever you go in a vehicle that bears your signature look.

What’s Under the Hood


The Ford EcoSport comes standard with the 2.0L Ti-VCT engine with Auto Start-Stop technology. It also comes with Intelligent 4WD, Torque Vectoring Control, Traction Control, and AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control.
The Ford EcoSport can handle any road in any condition. No matter what the terrain or the road conditions, your vehicle will be ready.

And even on normal roads, you won’t believe that a crossover SUV has this much power and control! Yet the estimated city/highway ratio is 10.2/8.1 L/100km. Get to where you’re going with verve, but you don’t need to break the bank at the gas station.

Drivers today have a lot of expectations for their vehicles. They want power and tight handling. They expect smart technology that works effortlessly. Safety is invaluable, but so is style and a sense of design. Finally, people want to know that their vehicle has a practical amount of cargo space while also delivering a thrilling driving experience. People looking for all this are wise to check out the Ford EcoSport, a crossover SUV that really does it all, and does it in style.

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