2017 Toyota GT86 Price, Design

Published on July 7, 2016
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2017 Toyota GT86: When you start searching for 2017 Toyota FT-HS Concept on the Web you’ll notice there’s scarce information about. Therefore we decided to write an article about this concept and reveal why it is so difficult to find any detail about it.


Abbreviation FT-HS stands for Future Toyota Hybrid Sport and tells us that was a unique concept when it was introduced. It was initially presented at the North American International Auto Show nine years ago. The goal was to create a hybrid with a tremendous power and stunning acceleration. When it was released it had a rear wheel driving system and four-speed automatic gearbox. Under the hood of the car was a 3.5-liter six-cylinder which could produce more than 400 horsepower.

Thanks to this engine it was one of the most powerful hybrid vehicles at the time. Also, it was one of the fastest with a 0-60 time under 4 seconds. The powertrain was quite similar to Lexus GS450h. Since the debut, this technology was implemented in several vehicles, such as Supra HV-R and GT 86. Supra was the first racing car to use this technology. 2017 Toyota FT-HS Concept will be implemented in 2017 Toyota GT86 thus we’ll focus on this model.

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2017 Toyota GT86 3


When it comes to the exterior of the 2017 Toyota GT86 focuses in on aerodynamics. Thanks to better design fuel consumption have been significantly decreased. The whole body will be lowered and the front fascia is going to get most of the modifications. Thanks to new bumper front part will look more aggressive. It comes with integrated air vents. LED technology is going to be integrated into both taillights and headlights. Apart from these changes new GT86 shouldn’t have any other major refreshment of the exterior.

2017 Toyota GT86 4


Thanks to released photos of the 2017 Toyota GT86 we can see that a cabin is going stay pretty much the same. FT-HS Concept comes with 2+2 seats. This means four people can fit in the cabin. Generally, it should be convenient and provide enough legroom for every passenger. Cargo space is insufficient if you are going on a distant trip. However, the rear row can be folded in order to provide additional space for cargo. A leather-wrapped steering wheel is standard and also a seven-inch infotainment system. This system comes with navigation, Bluetooth, Smartphone integration, etc.

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2017 Toyota GT86 5


Toyota FT-HS Concept focuses on the engine. The initial vehicle had the 3.5l V6 but new 2017 Toyota GT86 is going to have a different unit and it’ll actually be less powerful. Engineers opted for a 2.0l aspirated four-cylinder. It comes with an output of around 200 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque. Not the only engine is different but transmission and acceleration as well. A future driver can choose between six-speed automatic and six-speed manual gearbox. At this moment we don’t have any info about their fuel economy. However, some estimation tells us that average fuel consumption should be around 40 mpg or 7.1l/100km.

2017 Toyota GT86 10

Such fuel economy is way better than other vehicles based on Toyota FT-HS Concept and we may see now why has the power been decreased. They had to sacrifice power in order to improve fuel economy but they had to sacrifice few more things. Top speed of the Toyota GT86 is 140 mph but acceleration dropped to 8.2 seconds. However, all things considered, new GT86 is one of the greatest hybrids manufactured by Toyota and it will surely be improved in the following years.

2017 toyota 86

2017 Toyota GT86 Interior


2017 Toyota GT86 hasn’t hit the market yet and according to some sources, it’ll be in showrooms by the end of this year. Speculations about price tell us it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Estimated price is around $27,000 for a GT86 with a manual transmission system, while you need to spend $1,000 more for the automatic gearbox.

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2017 Toyota GT86 Engine

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