2017 Nissan Rogue Official Photos and Info

Published on September 19, 2016
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The crossover SUV market is a highly competitive market, especially in the United States. Nevertheless, many Japanese automakers export their vehicles in the North America and one of them is Nissan. Nissan puts most of their hopes on the 2017 Nissan Rogue, intending to make it the best-selling Nissan’s unit on this market. Last year almost 288,000 units of Rogue were sold in the US, which is more than Cherokee, Tucson, and Sportage. However, they need to put a lot of effort in order to beat Ford and their models. New Rogue surely has lots of advantages and these are some of them.


Pros and Cons

Nissan decided to apply some minor modifications and updates in order to increase Rogue’s attractiveness. Redesigned styling is definitely a big plus but they just had to add more space. First two rows are convenient however the third one has a lack of space and it’s not so comfortable having a ride while sitting at the rear. Nevertheless, interior looks quite elegant and the difference between 2017 model and the current one will be obvious. Technology is going to be updated and more safety features are going to be added. Nissan could also introduce new powertrain, but it seems they left that for the 2018 model.

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2017 Nissan Rogue will also be released as a hybrid variant. However, we’ll cover it in another review and this time, the focus will be on a regular model. As you have already read, the upcoming model won’t come with new powertrain but with the old 2.5l four-cylinder. Although there is no new unit under the hood this shouldn’t be considered as a drawback since the 2.5l hasn’t made any trouble so far and it meets everyone’s demands. It comes with an output of 170 hp and 175 lb-ft of torque. The CVT, named Xtronic, comes in three different drive modes: Normal, Eco, and Sport.


Fuel Economy

EPA rating depends on the driving system. The expected fuel efficiency is estimated at 26/33/29 mpg for a front-wheel drive. Bear in mind that this rating is for the 2.5-liter while hybrid version will have far better fuel economy. On the other hand, all-wheel drive usually uses more fuel and that’s the case with new Rogue. However, fuel efficiency only drops by one mpg so it’s not significantly different. Generally, EPA rating is quite good comparing to competition and it is considered to be one of the advantages.

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Exterior and Interior

Focus of the modifications is on the front fascia while rear end will face only subtle changes. Nissan paid attention to details and added sharper lines to the 2017 Nissan Rogue. A huge V-shaped grille is placed at the front, surrounding Nissan logo. The vents are now integrated and front bumper has been revised. The headlights have been redesigned as well as taillights. They are both equipped with LED technology and have new looks. Taillights are V-shaped and there are no embedded chrome touches. Wheelbase depends on the trim. Therefore new Rogue may come with 17-inch, 18-inch or 19-inch wheels.

Inside the cabin, there is enough space for the first two rows while passengers at the back wouldn’t be happy if they weren’t kids. The good news is that safety has been enhanced as well as technology. Same 7-inch touchscreen will be placed on the dashboard but infotainment system is going to be updated. All trims are coming with Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Prevention, Forward Emergency Breaking, Blind-spot Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and much more. This should be one of the safest vehicles that have ever come out of the Nissan’s facilities.

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2017 Nissan Rogue 10

2017 Nissan Rogue Price

The price of the 2017 Nissan Rogue is estimated at $23,330 for the S trim. The SL trim costs $5,000 more and you should add $1,350 to this price for all-wheel drive.


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