2017 Honda S2000 Concept

Published on May 30, 2016
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The Honda S2000 is one of the best convertible sports cars ever made and despite the fact it has been discontinued more than six years ago it still is one of the better cars to buy for those looking for a perfectly balanced chassis and a lot of tuning potential. You would expect that such a successful car to be kept on the market but unfortunately Honda decided that it is best for them to discontinue it even though cars such as the MX-5 or even the new Toyota 86 are highly successful. Because they finally realized their mistake it seems that the car will very likely receive a successor with the future 2017 Honda S2000, an all new model to bear the name of this highly successful convertible.

2017 honda s2000 1


Unlike with what they did with the older model, this time around the 2017 Honda S2000 is very likely going to be offered with two different engines. The base version of the car is going to be aimed directly at the base 2 liter MX5 and at the Toyota 86 while the higher end version will be aimed at the future Abarth 124 and even at a future version of the 86 with more power than the current car.

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Powering the base version of the S2000 will be a rather new 1.5 liter turbocharged inline 4 petrol engine which was first released on the European Civic. However, unlike in the Civic this engine is said to make close to 200 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque which doesn’t seem like much but when we mix that with a total weight of less than 2,500 pounds then the car will become really fun to drive and very fast as well.

2017-Honda-S2000-Engine 1

The higher end model on the other hand is expected to make use of the Type R engine which offers close to 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque which when coupled to a rear wheel drive perfectly balanced chassis it should become one of the best cars to drive on the market with ease. Both of them are expected to get an 8 speed automatic but a manual might also be offered on certain models in order to please those looking for pure driving pleasure.

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2017-Honda-S2000 front


Not too long ago pictures of a certain Acura convertible started to float around the Internet and from the looks of it, this particular Acura might be the upcoming 2017 Honda S2000 which would be quite nice because the car looks perfectly balanced and it really seems to be a worthy successor for the original. We expect to see the same long hood and short back end, likely a soft-top to save weight and to give the car more character as well as really clean lines.


The interior will likely be just as simple as before in order to create the perfect driving environment but instead of offering the old digital dashboard we might see a fully customizable screen, similar to what the all new Audi A4 has.

2017 HONDA S2000 PRICE

At this point in time Honda hasn’t said a word about the future of the car and we still don’t know for sure if it will be released as a Honda or as an Acura. However, chances are that the car will be offered as a Honda in Europe and as an Acura in the US where certain Honda models have been sold under the Acura brand. Also, even though they haven’t said how expensive it will be, we do know that Honda has its aim set on the Mazda MX5 which means the car will likely start around $25,000 which would make it a serious contender on the market.

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Honda info: Wikipedia.org

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