2018 Land Rover Defender Pictures, Release date

Published on April 26, 2017

UPDATE Apr 26, 2017 / The Defender has been one of the longest running off-road vehicles ever made. Thanks to that and its capability, it also became one of the most sought after cars out there. The late ’90s and early 2000s mint examples will fetch more than $90,000 which is quite a bit more than their price when new. Even though the SUV has been discontinued back in 2016, a new model is on its way. Land Rover’s CEO said a while ago that he already drove the test mule for the future 2018 Land Rover Defender. He also said that in comparison to its rivals, the Defender was spectacular.

2018 Land Rover Defender Price and Detail

There are a lot of potential buyers for the successor of the Defender expecting quite a bit from him. One of its traits was the great off-road ability. For its replacement to be successful, it will have to do well in off-road. However, there are some interesting facts about it. For starters, the new Defender will be based on a unibody design. It will actually use the same platform as the new Discovery which is an all aluminum chassis with an all aluminum body on top. While the Discovery is great in off-road, this is also thanks to its highly capable electronic aids. In order for the Defender to be just as good, it is safe to assume it will have to use these aids. Like the Discovery, the Defender might get to use an air-ride system which will definitely increase the cost. In fact, early speculation suggests a starting price of more than $50,000 which is considerably more than the competition.

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Why the Price Increase?

It seems that Land Rover is looking to make the Defender rival the likes of the G-Class or the Land Cruiser. In order to do that they will have to basically offer a luxury SUV capable of going pretty much anywhere and it seems that this is where the upcoming Defender is heading. While we still hope for a back to basics off-road machine, this is highly unlikely at this point. We will be able to get a better idea about the finished product later this year or in early 2018 when it is expected to be revealed.

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