The Ultimate Guide to Number Plate Fixings

We don’t think too much of our number plates until we need a replacement. If you need to replace your number plate, you may be wondering how they are actually attached on to your car. Is there a specific way to attach the number plates on to your car, or can you DIY it? Considering that the DVLA provides strict guidelines on how your number plates should look, it is understandable to worry that you may fit your number plates wrong.

But you should know that there are several options available to you when fitting a number plate on to your car. The following are just some of the most effective by the Number Plate Man

1. Sticky Pads

This is perhaps the quickest and easiest method to attach a number plate since it doesn’t require drilling or screws. Instead of screws, you use double-sided adhesive pads to stick the number plate on to the car. We must warn you however that once you stick the number plate, the adhesive doesn’t come out easily. So be sure to properly align the number plate before filing. These sticky pads come in two forms; double sided white pads or thinner and clear double-sided silicon.

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2. Screws

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This is probably the method you are used to seeing since it is the most traditional method to attach a number plate on a car. You screw the number plate to the frame of the vehicle or you can use nylon nuts and bolts. This can be done with any type of screws including plastic screws although these are not recommended since they are prone to crack.

Screws have a major disadvantage; they show on the surface on the number plate. If this bothers you, you can buy number plate fixing caps to go on top of the screws. Caps will also help to reduce tampering.

3. Tamper Proof Screws

Due to reports of stolen number plates, tamper proof screws became necessary as an alternative way to attach a number plate on to a car. Cases of stolen number plates were so rife that the police began handing out these tamper proof screws to residents free of charge. They come in many forms although the best are the ones with Allen-head tops with screws that can only turn in one direction.

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4. Other Types of Number Plate Fixings

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There are other methods available although these may be used for specific niche purposes only. For example number plate brackets are becoming popular among motorists who might have to change their number plates more often. Some brackets allow the motorist to slide the number plates in an out, a solution that is idea for show plates.

Surround brackets frame the number plate all the way around. These are more secure and are also more customizable, while remaining within the rules governing number plates.

Whatever method you chose to use, ensure that the number plate of your choice is well fitted so that it is visible to other road users and the police. If you are unsure of which method you want to use or even have a professional fit the number plate for you.

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