Car Hire in Malaga is Easier and More Affordable than Ever with Marbesol

When we go on holiday for a few days, there is always the question of whether it is convenient to rent a car in our destination to take short day-trips —or just to move around the place more easily and freely. In the end, this decision will depend on how we have organized the trip and which zones we are interested in visiting. Of course, it will also depend on the destination, since not all places are suitable to drive a car. But whatever the case may be, what is clear is that car hire always gives you more freedom than relying on public transport.

This decision is more important if we travel to a destination like the Costa del Sol and, more specifically, to Malaga. Given that the geography of the area is very peculiar, every town is different from one another (even when they are just a few kilometers away) because the separation between the coastline and the mountains is not big and they are close to each other. So, in order to get to know both the beach villages and some of the interior areas of the region whose visit is essential – such as the towns of Ronda, Antequera or Casares, it is better to get your own car.

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The best choice when it comes to car hire Malaga is Marbesol, the leading company of this sector in Costa del Sol. Marbesol has over 40 years of experience and a wide fleet of vehicles, including both luxury cars and more economic options. No matter the type of car you want depending on your preferences and needs —since traveling with friends or with your partner is not the same as traveling with kids, you can find it in here, because you can choose from a fleet of more than 2000 vehicles.

They offer high-end cars such as the BMW Serie 4  or Mercedes C220; sports cars such as the Ford Mustang GT500 or Audi A5 Cabrio; cheaper models such as Volkswagen Polo and Fiat Panda; family vans like the Opel Vivaro Combi or off-road vehicles like the Jeep Renegade or Nissan X Trail. Plus, this car hire service in Malaga stands out from the competition thanks to the pioneering incorporation of eco-friendly electric cars as the Renault ZOE in a trend that will mark the car hire market in the very near future.

Easy booking process online and competitive prices

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In addition to a wide selection of cars, other advantages of car hire in Malaga with marbesol is the fast and simple reservation and picking up process, along with their competitive prices and discounts. In order to make the whole process as agile as possible for their customers, Marbesol has an intuitive website where they can choose and book the services on their own, without needing intermediaries. The fact of not working with platforms that act as intermediaries also reduces ostensibly the price of the rented vehicles, being able to guarantee the best rate of the market.

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As a result of this commitment to customer satisfaction, Marbesol also offers the possibility of booking at a specific time and paying later on, when the dates of the trip are closer or upon collection. It is not necessary to make the disbursement immediately when booking online, and there is no cancellation fee. Plus, there is even a 10% discount when making the payment online. When paying at the moment of the collection, however, Marbesol will charge the rental charges payable at the counter to the contract holder’s bank card and block the pre-authorisation corresponding to the type of vehicle rented. The pre-authorisation is the amount of the excess which will be blocked on the bank card of the holder of the contract provided at the time the vehicle is collected.

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Vehicles may be collected both at the airport offices or at the company’s offices in Marbella. There is a 24-hour airport service available for customers to be transferred from the airport to the offices and back included in the rental price. When picking up the vehicle, the driver must present the booking voucher, their driver’s license, their own credit card, and a valid national identity card or passport. To rent a car with Marbesol, the driver must be at least 21 years old, and they must hold a driving license approved in Spain valid for one year at least. Drivers under 25 years or over 75 years must take out the additional insurance of 4€ per day.

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The return of the vehicle must be at the date and time stipulated on the rental agreement, although there is a two-hour courtesy window for returning the car included in the rental place. The vehicle must be returned along with all documents, auxiliary equipment, tires, tools, accessories, and a full tank.

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