2019 Toyota Fortuner Price, Design, Safety

Published on October 7, 2017
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2019 Toyota Fortuner is coming to the market in the following period. It is very popular all over Asia and especially in the Philippines. In general, there won’t be huge modifications only minor refreshments are going to be applied. First and foremost, there will be a new engine unit under the bonnet which should generate more power than the previous one. Also, new Fortuner is going to be slightly larger than the predecessor, but it doesn’t look much different. Basically, they are the same vehicle, but when you scratch under the surface you will notice what details differ.

2019 Toyota Fortuner 1

2016 Toyota Fortuner Source: NetCarShow


Generally, new Toyota Fortuner takes after its predecessors and design won’t be way different than the last model. It looks modern and elegant. However, as far as we are concerned they can enlarge wheelbase. Next model is going to have wheels with 18 inches in diameter and we’re hoping future models will have at least 20. The front grille should be chromed, but apart from that front fascia won’t face any other modification. Bumper, headlights, fog lamps, and intakes will stay completely the same. It is just important to mention that lights are coming with LED technology, something that has become standard in the car industry.

2019 Toyota Fortuner 2

2016 Toyota Fortuner Source: NetCarShow

Since 2019 Toyota Fortuner is larger than the last model it means there will be more space inside the cabin. Three rows of seats are going to be placed with seven places for passengers: two at the front and at the back and three in the middle. Technology won’t be changed nor anything else. Designers decided not to change anything this year hence we might expect several improvements next year, especially in terms of technology.

2019 Toyota Fortuner 5

2016 Toyota Fortuner Source: NetCarShow


Engine lineup has been changed comparing to the last model. There will two different options and one of them is a hybrid unit. They are not a top-notch in the class and you will find more powerful SUVs, but they should be enough for an average driver. New Toyota Fortuner is equipped with a 3.0l four-cylinder diesel which comes with an output of 165 HP and 340 Nm of torque. Thanks to an electric motor new Fortuner can deliver even more power. Hybrid version generates 200 HP and 400 NM of torque which is significantly more than the first option. This is not the first time that Fortuner comes as a hybrid thus we don’t expect any unpleasant surprises.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Engine

2016 Toyota Fortuner Source: NetCarShow

Fuel economy hasn’t been published yet, but the hybrid will naturally have much better fuel consumption than the diesel engine. Both of these are going to have a front-wheel drive. However, the four-wheel drive comes as an option in several other packages. Also, both manual and automatic transmission will be optional. A future driver can choose between the nine-speed automatic gearbox and six-speed manual transmission. As you can see the overall performance of the 2019 Toyota Fortuner should be enhanced, but we need to wait for information about fuel efficiency in order to get a complete picture.

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Safety systems have been enhanced. Special focus was on safety thus Toyota Fortuner 2019  is much more reliable than previous models. Toyota is a high-flier in terms of technology in the car world and it implemented all the latest gadgets in new Fortuner. Apart from airbags and seat belt, there will be a brake assist, traction control, and cruise control. A rearview camera and parking sensors came in handy to inexperienced drivers when parking.

2019 Toyota Fortuner Release date

2016 Toyota Fortuner Source: NetCarShow


2019 Toyota Fortuner’s price is going to depend on the installed package. The cheapest model will cost around $45,000 while the most expensive one will be $10,000 more. To tell you the truth it is slightly expensive compared to some other SUVs in this category. Reportedly it should hit the market in the final months of 2018, but don’t get surprised if it comes few months after New Year.

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