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  1. It looks like a stinking modified Camaro! I’ll keep my 2016 Challenger Scat Pack forever. They will ruin the whole platform.

  2. I”d like to see dodge use the challenger name on a ranchero, el camino type front engine style vehicle with various options including part time 4wd,a crossover style suspension with an eco diesel as another option and 6 speed manual transmission including engines for guys in rods I”D probably order mine in black with white racing stripes with an eco diesel and part time 4wd.

  3. Toyota please dont put a BMW lump in the next gen Supra. The Supra needs its own heart and soul, let alone being built on a Z4 Platform.
    1993 Toyota Built there best ever car all on there own with there engines being bullet proof.
    I fear you are going to loose so many Supra fans there are two Categorys that divide people in buying cars of today that is if you want build Quality you go german if you want reliabilty you buy Japanese.
    Where is the sense on removing Toyota’s greatest title reliability and putting a BMW engine in its place.

  4. I love this! I expect that the Ford, Dodge, and GM boys are going to have to take this seriously. Seeing what the Models S/X have done to that segment of vehicle sales, the giant pick-up market is ripe for taking. All of their ICE trucks are horribly inefficient and have high maintenance costs. If you have solar, you have the equivalent of <10 cents/kWh energy. That's like buying gas at about 75 cents/gallon!

    All the Tesla trucks will have autonomous vehicle (AV) tech built in.

    How will the old tech, dirty, high maintenance gassers fare against the Tesla brand? Tesla could own this market if it could produce them!

  5. It makes absolute sense to have an electric truck. The kind of trips and duties that a pickup truck makes in urban areas will greatly benefit from being zero emissions. For the business owner the lower maintenance costs and more flexible storage in the front for tools that need to be securely locked away leaving the bed clear for carrying materials. I can never understand why there are empty trucks being used for day to day transportation using large quantities of fuel. The electric vehicle will be more efficient due to energy recovery when braking.

  6. Damn, I have owned lots of Hondas in my lifetime. But these days, they seem to making each car uglier and uglier. This one has some of the most awkward lines ever!


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